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Welcome to the Factory!

DeFalco Music Factory is a collaboration of entertainment industry professionals brought together by the collective goal of revolutionizing the music industry and the practices of traditional record labels.

At the Factory, we believe that music belongs in the atmosphere so that living beings can thrive. We believe there must be a place where talent comes together to meld, vibe, and grow. We believe that making the best music is a combination of talent, creativity, hard work and passion, and artists should be paid for all of it. Always plentiful is talent, so no artist, talented enough to make the cut should wind up shelved. With integrity and without hindsight, The Factory operates while hearing our own promises. We work for our artists and our artists work for their fans, so we strive to ensure honest and lasting relationships with both.

Enter The Factory - no hearing protection required for this is where music is made and stars are built!